Mirror Readoku

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While many of the old links and images no longer work, there linger a few surprises.


Sudoku is a number logic and process of elimination game.

Mirror Readoku requires one more key talent: Mental rotation, which gets easier and more efficient the more you do it.

True, it can be  painful the first 30-seconds – enjoy the strain. Keep track of your time.

Interestingly, you don’t have to be a good Sudoku player to be a great Mirror Readoku player.

Copy, paste, print and check it out for yourself. 

Bragging rights are up for the puzzler who finds their numbers first in this unique grid. These are ‘Easy’ puzzles – with a full 32 digits already showing.

Studies of Sudoku have taken it through the looking glass. Who’s interested?
Plenty of people!

What intrigues researchers are the spatial aptitudes involved, and the transferability to real life tasks.

Mirror Readuku plays in the usual way. You don’t even have to write the numbers backwards – though it may increase your speed you if you do. The point is to accomplish a familiar task of numeric logic, and engage regions of the brain specifically associated with mental rotation. Quickly.

The ability to turn concepts over in ourminds is a sought-after potential. Even incremental increases can be invaluable if they confer an edge.

Observe your own strategies of problem-solving, mentally juggling numbers while applying the rules of the Sudoku grid. Catch yourself in the act of learning.

Research on neuronal, and real life, benefits of playing Mirror Readoku, and Mirror Reading, are in progress. To get involved, please contact Dr. Shelagh Robinson.

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