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Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 63: Sweet Mysteries of Mirror Reading

For the secretive: Long connected with transformations, mirror reading and writing share histories of deep mystery across the arts and sciences, and the esoteric.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 61: Mirror Reading Test

Lots of ordinary people are curious about their own skills. Here is an MR Test that is simple, straight-forward, and available to everyone. Free for the curious. Use the timer to mark your speed, and obtain a final score for Mirror Reading Ability.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 29: Handcestry: Mirror Writing and Mirror Reading

Of course you have a handcestry – chromosomal links between your hands and those of all the people who came before you. They contributed to your genetic handiwork, physically and mentally, before you were born.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 27: The Art of Reading in Reflections- When foreheads are canvases

Would you write something on your face in mirror text so every time you looked at your reflection you could read it?
What would you write? And would you write it in semi-permanent henna? Artist Adrian Piper got hundreds to do just that.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 22: Mirror Writing Genius

The magic of a mind seeing, and reading, what is not really there.
There are good reasons why Leonardo da Vinci and Lewis Carroll were so enthralled with Mirror Reading: It’s an elegant mental operation of challenging simplicity. Subtle, creative. And easily overlooked.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 4: Upside-Down Mirror Writing

I recently met a woman, who, after learning about mirror reading, tried to write some words in mirror text. Interestingly, … Continue reading 

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