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Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 69: What Happens When I Mirror Read?

Researchers want to know. Chemical surges and electric constructions. Physical shifts and cognitive leaps. And Transfer Effects. There is growing … Continue reading 

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 61: Mirror Reading Test

Lots of ordinary people are curious about their own skills. Here is an MR Test that is simple, straight-forward, and available to everyone. Free for the curious. Use the timer to mark your speed, and obtain a final score for Mirror Reading Ability.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 56: Mirror Writing – A Striking & Mysterious Process

McIntosh and Della Sala (2012) explore the history and research of different forms of mirror writing – deliberate, spontaneous and involuntary – then throw in a bit of mystery. And some Modern Mirror Trivia…

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 51: Learning to See, Right-Side Up

We might assume that we are born seeing. Actually, sight takes some learning. A neonate needs time to process the visual world it’s confronted with. Part of the problem: Eyes are built to see upside down. We learn to see right-side up…

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 38: Smiling at Ourselves

Engagement, acknowledgment and silliness are giant factors in positive learning experiences- and common outcomes at Mirror Readings where playing in mirrors increases opportunities for self-recognition to occur.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 34: Extreme Mirror Reading – Twisted Symbols

There is always going to be that hard-core contingent: The outliers who take activities to the nth degree. Whether Extreme Snowboarders, Ironers, or Square Dancers, these highly focused individuals form the outer regions of legions.
And they can be counted upon to bring whatever IT is, to the edge.
Including Extreme Mirror Readers.

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