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Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 57: The Importance of Reading with Children – in Mirrors

The editors asked me to write a summary of why parents thought reading books in mirrors with children was important. I came up with a top three list.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 54: Mirror Reading on a Rainy Day

It had never occurred to me when I designed my first book printed in reverse that I was making somethIng I could be elbowed out of so easily. Sometimes there’s just not enough room for three in a mirror. I’d be jostled to its edge, slipping out of the eyeline to an observer’s position.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 52: Vitamin I and Mirror Reading

You won’t find it on your pharmacist’s shelf, but you can make it yourself with common ingredients…And even if you’ve never thought about Vitamin I, you know the feeling of it: An infusion of energy, a positive chemical spark. It’s a vital nutrient that we all need.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 50: Montreal Mirror Reads with CBC

Mirror Read Books were designed to take into unusual places… So CBC’s Anna Asimakoulos met up with Dr. Shelagh Robinson to explore this new way of reading with children.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 49: 2011 in Reflection

Reversals take us forward!
Playing with backwords is unquestionably one of the most exciting, and forward-thinking, new activities parents and children learned to do together in 2011.

Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 48: Adventure Books for Grandparents

Adventure Books for Grandparents?
Grandmere and Grandpere can be innovators in their grandchildren’s reading lives by introducing them to new literary experiences. Be the first in a little one’s life to read with them in a mirror and make storytimes into an interactive games they’ll remember.

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