Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 7: 3 Easy Tips for Mirror Readers

Today I sat with a little girl who wanted to read Mr Puff and Mr Peeve upside down without a mirror.
And she did! I like a child who goes for challenges!

But for those of us who find it peculiar to mirror read without a mirror  (at least to start out), here are 3 easy tips for reading in mirrors with your little one.

1. Find an unusual location: So far the best I’ve heard of is a 6 year old boy who likes to read inside the front hall closet, where there’s a big mirror, bright lights, and lots of cozy coats. Sounding out letters together in playful places turn reading into a game.
2. Don’t just read the books: Enjoy the experience of stories with a little one from an unusual perspective. Making those smiley eye connections feels so great!
3. Explore the mirror world: Sometimes the same old books can tire us out. MR Books turn story time around for adults too! Find adventures in the reflections. There’s magic in mirrors.

PS: We get better at Mirror Reading with practice…don’t be discouraged if your little reading buddy is a better Mirror Reader than you.    :)

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