Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 68: Mirror Monopoly

Mirror MonopolyMirror Monopoly: The shoe moves by itself counter-clockwise – unusual. The dice rolls for me – Community Chest. Moustache Man is familiar but to catch the words I need to read fast in reverse: “Advance to Go. Collect 200$.”

Today, with the Mirror Browser and Mirror Bookmark, mirror reading practice is easier than ever, and comes in lots of fun and unexpected flavours. Including Mirror Monopoly.

The board looks different reversed. But how?
Take a moment to mentally compare in your mind’s eye the well-played scene. Where is Boardwalk? Find the jail. Breathe through the disorientation, and it becomes easy. Research shows that practice makes cortex.

Grow your grey matter in right-brain regions not associated with regular reading. And as you make the required mental leaps, create sparks. All learning is electric.

The beauty of these technologies is that with a click of a button it is simple to navigate in both Mirror and Regular formats.
Whenever I first play any online game using a Mirror option, I begin by trying it ‘regular’ a couple of times. This strategy makes the first few seconds in reverse less shocking, more A-ha. Then I hit the Mirror Bookmark or Mirror Browser. It’s like turning on the warp drive.

Several recommendation have come in for free Pogo Monopoly using the Mirror Bookmark.

Send your suggestions. We are learning everyday about the capabilities of these exciting new technologies.

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