Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 64: Mirror Read Memes

Once, a Meme meant a thought virus, very abstract.

Now they are better known as the clever  image-statements that permeate online discussions and forums.

Sites like Instagram are built on new Meme culture:

Private jokes that caption pictures get echoed around the globe in expanding circles of Share.

Themes emerge, cross boundaries, get overused, disappear. Classics gain recognition.

Memes in reverse keep cropping up, so I wanted to feature a couple of good ones.

I am partial to inspirational and animal Memes…

Please feel free to send your favourites and I will reverse, then post them.



4 Responses to Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 64: Mirror Read Memes

  1. Merrie Webel says:

    I love this. It’s almost like reading ancient Greek in English. I’m printing it and sending it to friends. Have mirror read my whole life. I am left handed. I have a theory that it is prevalent amongst right brain thinkers. Any other lefties?

    • shelagh says:

      Hi Merrie,
      Thanks for your comment. I am so glad you like Mirror Read Memes. Yes, it is like reading Greek in English (or French, or Italian, or Hungarian, etc) when we reverse the letters. Not surprising to hear that you are left-hand dominant. :)
      Please connnect further if you are interested in some Mirror Reading research – we are always looking for creative thinkers like yourself.

  2. atra says:

    Hi, i like this.I am a right handed.And i can write mirror,and read too, but when i write mirror i use my right hand, not left hand like the others do.

    • shelagh says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write; I am so glad you like the site.
      I too am a right-handed mirror writer/ reader. My question: Do you prefer to mirror write in script, or cursive letters? For some reason, connecting letters using cursive is easier for me. I would love to know more about your experiences of mirror reading or writing.

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