Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 60: Mirror Writing – Numbers!

April Fools! Not…

I was asked to create this Mirror Readoku for the Puzzles page of a local newspaper for the April 1 edition. 

The joke’s on them as it is not an easy task to complete for most people. But it’s worth making the mental effort.

Of course, the best brain exercise is getting our bodies moving – breaking a physical sweat. But challenging ourselves to engage in new mental exertions doesn’t hurt in the development of brain pathways.

While Sudoku is a numeric process of elimination game, Mirror Readoku requires one more key talent: Mental rotation, which gets easier and more efficient the more you do it.

True, it can be positively painful the first 30-seconds – enjoy the strain. Keep track of your time.

Interestingly, you don’t have to be a good Sudoku player to be a great Mirror Readoku player.

Copy, paste, print and check it out for yourself – do smart.
Immerse yourself and go for it, no fool here. :)

Let me know how you manage. 

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