Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 59: Romantical Mirror Reading – For a Valentine.

A celebration of sentiment, from a different perspective.

Around the world, there are so many people who celebrate February 14 as special. Maybe you.

Dedicated to expressions of positive connection, romantics of all ages, across countries and communities, send Valentine’s messages of appreciation and love to one another.

People go to great lengths to craft unique Cupidean notes that speak from the heart. Much effort is put into tender letters and hopeful missives that catch the eye and pull at the heartstrings.

Valentines come in a myriad of forms and languages, with a singular powerful emotion at their core. By their nature, they are full of magic – suffused with the positive intentions and attentions of the sender. This may be why, in keepsakes boxes, it is the Valentines notes that survive, re-read and faded after years, especially the ones from children.

I received a tip to a website providing a template for a Valentine that stands out: You can format messages on a custom Love Letter Scroll. In this scroll, the secret sentiments are locked away in a foreign language – until the reader realizes the meaning beneath the twisted symbols: 

The message is printed in reverse, easily decoded by mentally spinning the letters, or holding it up to a mirror. The scroll is a printed work of art, to be treasured and kept.

I think it’s a great idea. Going to such lengths signals “look again, look closer, there’s more here than meets the eye…”
Please click the link at the bottom of this page for more information.

There are lots of ways to make your own Mirror-Valentines:
Options include by hand, Photoshop, or using the t-shirt transfer setting in your Printer options.

For those who want to create a custom electronic Valentine-in-Reverse for everyone, the Mirror Read Messaging Window on the MR website is easy, and you can send directly to FaceBook or Email, or save to download and print. (Flash format does not work on iPad – sorry)

Create your own Mirror Valentine: Here are the steps to take:
First, write your message – For Valentine’s, I prefer capital letters,  Spellstone font, in Red, size Regular.

Next, write ‘MR Valentine for You’ in the Subject line, or some other meaningful title.
Then unleash your inner Cupid…

Hit send.

I find the Messaging short format particularly perfect for Mirror Haiku Valentine’s poetry. See for yourself:
5-7-5. :)

My keyboard observes,
Alchemical mystery -
Love becomes letter.

CC me on your best Mirror Haiku Valentines – I will post on the MR Gallery.

Happy Hearts Day to all!

Love Letter Scroll:


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