Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 58: News Trainer Live on Site

I am not usually an advocate for the regular perspective.

Typical standpoints, which use the status quo as reference, can lead to flaccid creativity and dulled imaginations.

Alternative points of view offer impressive opportunities to all of us, psychologically and physically.

By being willing to experience the world from unfamiliar angles, we create opportunities to see what has been in our blind spots, including personal capacities and abilities of which we had no previous awareness.

There is potential in irregularity.
That being said, I’m really glad we included a REGULAR button on the latest Mirror Read Resource. . .


After much magic of the coding kind, the Mirror Read News Trainer is launched on the Mirror Read website!

We opened a unique portal to the Mirror Read App on iTunes. Now anyone, anytime, from anywhere, can read their news in reverse, directly off the Mirror Read Website.
For free.

Check it out for yourself here:

One of the special features we included was a REGULAR button that can be used to toggle from mirror to ordinary text.

Originally we had thought readers could use the REGULAR button before reading their news article to orient themselves. Which they do.

Now, after testing, we have also found that smart newsfans begin by reading their article in reverse, then they REGULAR it, and they read it again, from left to right.

And in the process experience a shocking sensation of effortlessness and ease-of-skill. After the brain strain of reading backwards, REGULAR reading feels surprisingly smooth, almost slippery, even soothing. 

Sometimes REGULAR can feel like a stream of cool water on a hot day. It can offer relief and comfort, and occasionally, bliss.
This was news to us at Mirror Read.

After the epiphany, readers can check the timers to see how long it took them to read their article in reverse, versus reading REGULAR. It’s easy to assess aptitudes with regular practice.

After trying it many times myself, I have a newfound appreciation of my own ability to read. It feels amazing to know literacy and be so fluid then have it removed, to relearn. Then revert, back to REGULAR.  In a flash, I truly do appreciate the ordinary.

To more bliss for all of us in the coming year, regular and not. :)

Please share your own MR News Trainer experiences with us:

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