Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 55: Mirror Sudoku – it’s twisted

SudokuEssentials was looking to explore something new, and asked for an article on Mirror Readoku for their website.

No problem.
And we donated a custom Mirror Readoku puzzle to challenge their guests to play in reverse.

Find the article, “A Sudoku Twist” on this page.

You can take a crack at it too – with a challenge from us to complete the puzzle in less than 5 minutes.

Described as ‘brain-heating,” “weirdly easy” and “twisted,” this version of Sudoku asks players  to activate skills they may not have even know they had.

The first moment of the unique game is the strangest, and the most revealing. The brain screams WRONG. But hold on – look for the familiar patterns. Just begin. In fact, the numbers are easy to recognize – even when reversed. You may be surprised by how quickly your juggling skills develop – often in mere minutes.

What’s the point, beyond the immediate challenge? This is where is gets interesting.  

To date, there are few applied studies of the practice effects of mental exercises, like reading and doing Sudoku in reverse. But recent brain imaging studies offer promising insights about the way our brains grow when we task them with mental activities that require turning concepts over in our minds.

It’s an exciting new spin on an old area of study. The next few years look pretty backwards, to researchers all over the world.

Our team is looking at qualitative data on Mirror Readoku if anyone would like to contribute. The instructions and questions are simple:

1. Please complete the puzzle above by cutting and pasting it into any document format and printing it out.
2. Please time yourself – note when you begin and end.


1. If you attempted the puzzle above, did you complete it?
2. How long did it  take to complete?
3. What is your perspective on
   a) the Mirror Readoku challenge
   b) the Mirror Readoku experience, and your thoughts and feelings during and after the puzzle.

Send your answers to:

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