Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 44: Mirror Read Video Goes Live!

The Video Story         (click here to view)

Or, part of it, at least – the history of reading in reverse is long and mysterious.

This is a tale of 21st century mirror reading –  and of books that play like no others can:
In reflections.
Mirror Read Books are unique educational tools for parents and children.

More importantly, they are, as one dad puts it, real laughter magnets.
I love this!

Mirror Reading can be hard to describe. So we decided to capture it on film…

Some friends and I, parents and children, got together in a studio to play, and read, in reflections. We all got to try reading MR Books in all sorts of mirrors – from lots of different angles.  The parents got to chat, Mr Puff made an appearance, nobody cried and everyone got snacks.
That looks like success from any perspective.

It was pure magic and chaos, and we caught it all in colour. The result: Mirror Read Adventure Books – The Story (click here)

The first Mirror Read Video ever.

Watch the video, get inspired, then check out a MR challenge for yourself. Invite a niece or nephew, grandson or granddaughter, or a friend’s little one, to read in a mirror – and see what happens.

Mirror reading is attention-grabbing. It’s unusual, intriguing and fun. It’s an experience worth having.

It’s definitely easier with books that are printed in reverse.

Please feel free to forward the link to this video to friends, educators and parents around the world. Share the Mirror Read project and film it for yourself. Can you capture the eye contact?

Feedback?  We’d love to hear what you think about reading books in mirrors, or any other backword topics that cross your mind.


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