Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 40: Backwards Reading Soars out of Beta Phase, or…

…The Stories I Could Tell About Launching as an App Developer on iTunes…

Finally we got the GreenLight to deliver key updates to Mirror Read Backword Games. But it hasn’t been all been easy fixes and cowboy coding.

Here are 3 things I’ve learned along the way in my transition from teacher to educational game developer.

1. The French word for bug is bug
You know, those pesky critters that introduce issues and drama into the works? And we’re not just talking computers. Insects play with schedules, feed on anxiety, and generally offer resistance. And are ubiquitous, so now I plan for infestations. Insight: bugs make me stronger.

2. Details count, when we’re talking about reading in reverse
The most important app modifications involved the formatting of the Headline News Game. Mirror reading is challenge enough. We stream-lined the screen for newbies so now it is possible, but not overwhelming, to read interesting articles and unlock key mental rotation skills at the same time. For all investigators needing mirror text materials, this tool is finally research-ready, and free to educational institutions.

3. It’s not a race
Why didn’t someone tell me, when I was spending all those cloistered days and nights fretting and sweating the small stuff, to enjoy the journey? Oh yeah, they did. I was busy concentrating on SEO, ROI and the nuances of a serious technological learning curve.
The bigger picture counts, especially when we’re talking about science as new as this. Enjoying the mental magic that makes mirror reading for me is key; getting to share the fun along the way is a bonus.

And that’s just the beginning…

In the act of app polishing we learned, and added a few other fun modifications to MR games:
-Backword Scramble has an updated enormous new dictionary, with even more names and acronyms allowed.
-Reminders and Settings have been revamped and there are new, bolder graphics.
-Leaderboard data  have been removed and scores reset. This allows all players to begin on an equal playing, and reading, field.


Now, fully launched,  lots of people have sent inspirational quotes of support (several of which, yes, have now been re-created in reverse and posted in the office).

My  most recent favourite? (I’m a sci-fi fan) by Ray Bradbury:

“First you jump off a cliff, and build wings on the way down.”

Ok! To building, on the fly.

Please send us your most recent Mirror Read stories…
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