Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 39: Classic Books Sail Through The Looking Glass

… finding a library most familiar but peculiar…

All of a sudden, the best of the Gutenberg Free Press (three cheers for free classic books!) are finding their way into unique Mirror Read Editions.
For book lovers of all ages, no charge.

Curiouser and curiouser…
Why read the best books ever written in mirror text format?
It’s the classic rabbit hole: The best path to an answer is to follow it for yourself. Here.

One clue is that reading familiar content in reverse is easier than reading, for example, the latest news headlines in reverse. A challenging process becomes “smoother” (says an MR amigo) when you know what’s going to come next. And it’s fun way to stretch skills we might not even know we possess.

Quick, name your favorite books from childhood – the ones you knew BEST, the ones you consumed way more than once.  Which  can you practically recite from memory, even now? Which would you most like to re-explore?
This is the book you ought to read in reverse, to get the full effect…
Request it here.

In the meantime…
The very first Mirror Read Classic Edition is:  ALICE IN WONDERLAND! (of course)
I went with the obvious choice: A book about food and secret doorways – and a beloved old favourite, read to me, and re-read by me, many many times.
To all of you who think this magickal tale – by the controversial Lewis Carroll – is a children’s story:
Look again…

Read Me… Because.
I always knew that if I were to read a book I knew well, in reversed text, withOUT a mirror – I would revisit old characters and themes with very new eyes.
I’m no masochist. I’m fascinated.
And I am intrigued by the strange challenge of Mirror Reading.  I wanted to see if I could “get into” the experience of fiction,  immerse myself in the well told tale.
And wondered if I would want to do it again.
Yes! as it turns out.

Even more interesting is mirror reading aloud (that way I can’t cheat over words I think I know)- It’s very funny. I am SLOW, but getting more fluent. (there may be a video in the works of friends and family – volunteers welcome!)

All must have prizes!
Now, having created various Mirror Read Classic Editions for personal use, and to indulge the requests of friends, I have decided to pass a few around.
Please enjoy AIW Chapter 1.
(Next chapters will be arriving shortly –  check the BOOKS page of the website, sub-category Classic Editions for updates)

What’s Next?
You tell me! HERE. (gotta be from Gutenberg Free Press)

And why?  In the end?
Because now I know too much.  Reading reversed text, with and without mirrors, benefits us cognitively, socially, and emotionally in ways that science is only now revealing. (see the MR website for more info.)

Me, personally, I’m in it for the smiles.
And changes of perspective are always illuminating.

Let me know what you think:

2 Responses to Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 39: Classic Books Sail Through The Looking Glass

  1. Cory says:

    Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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