Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 34: Extreme Mirror Reading – Twisted Symbols

There is always going to be that hard-core contingent: The outliers who take activities to the nth degree.  Whether Extreme Snowboarders, Ironers, or Square Dancers, these highly focused individuals form the outer regions of legions.
And they can be counted upon to bring whatever IT is, to the edge.

Including Extreme Mirror Readers, for whom the ultimate computer accessory turns their entire screen into its mirror image.  Can you imagine?  Mirror text every time, all the time?  Even for an enthusiast like me, this is a lot of backwords.

The obvious question is why?

For some people, it may be for fun – the sheer cognitive challenge of it.  For others, it’s all about research.  But for a few individuals, complete immersion in mirrored letters and words is a relief – and respite – from the commotion of regularly-oriented text that fills their everyday lives.

For people with reading difficulties, the solution may literally be found in reverse. Strephosymbolia [stref″o-sim-bo´le-ah] (translation: twisted symbols) involves a perceptual disorder in which objects and text are perceived as their mirror images. This may occur after a traumatic brain injury or stroke. While there is little that can be done to modify the real reading reality for these people, online life is another thing entirely.

A frequent web commentator on Strephosymbolia, Stephen Waner recommends a mirror image graphics card for desktop computers to turn everything on one’s screen backwards (horizontally).

With this shift, e-text is as easy for him to decode as ordinary writing is for regular readers. Extreme reversals are normal, for Stephen.

Waner notes that if you use this Planar program, you will also need a “Sakasa Mouse” in the DVI-D mode that changes the direction of cursor movement to its opposite direction. Now, he’s looking for a solution for tablet computers.  I’m certain it won’t be long in coming, with all the current interest in mirroring.

It occurs to me that there are other people around the world who, like Stephen, also find reading backwards text relaxing – a sanctuary from left-to-right decoding.

If this is you, I offer you refuge. :)

Would you like to read your news in reverse? Here is my proposal:

Let me know how Mirror Read Backwords Games or Mirror Read books would be helpful for your reading skills.  It would be my pleasure to send coupons for Mirror Read Backwords Game App on iTunes, or eBooks, to those with the most extreme (or convincing!) reasons.

In other words, use your reversals to your advantage!

2 Responses to Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 34: Extreme Mirror Reading – Twisted Symbols

  1. Professor Stephen Waner here and I am now a member of your forum , I am also in full support of anything having to do with Strephosymbolia ( Twisted Symbols ) which is the formal medical term for word blindness , Now I have joined this forum under the same user name that I have used all accross the Internet as Paschar ( Which Litterally means Vision ) , I also know of Steven Round and the research he has conducted with his students that read as PI upper High Brilliance readers ( Litterally reading the pages of a book upside down ) Now there are two words that can be spelled in the mirror image without the aid of computer technology bill = llid & dill = llib in the mirror image unless you wish to spell pill as lliq ( This has to do with the four lower case fonts ) d b q p as appearing mirrored no matter which way they are fliped ,

    • shelagh says:

      Hi Professor!
      Thanks for joining the MR Forum. Word blindness is indeed an interesting “ability” – let’s keep looking into these alternate formats to help people discover their own brilliance.
      Thanks for your input-

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