Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 28: MR Celebrates Quebec Literacy Campaign – With justifications for affordable books

“You read it, you get it.”
I was delighted when I saw the new ads for the Québec Government’s campaign to promote reading.
I’m all for books and playing with words. Especially when I saw that the text at the centre of the ads is printed backwards. 
Mirror Reading on prime time!  Finally!

“You read it, you get it” is the backwords slogan of the campaign, with the text presented from right to left. The phrase emphasizes the fun of written words, and the value of being able to decode graphic language.

Then I suddenly realized the letters were not backwards, they had simply been placed in reverse order.

Deliberate? Ironic? If not, it’s a common graphics error that can be easy to overlook with ‘conventional’ reverse text engines.  (this is why we built MR Messaging)

I’m impressed that our provincial government has such mirror vision – that they recognize the importance of making backwords forwards.  After all, research on Mirror Reading is still emerging.

Anyway, I took the time to correct the ad because I think the text looks a lot more interesting with the letters actually reversed. And I wanted to recognize their cleverness. Then of course I had to let them know…

I received back a very nice message from the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport acknowledging my efforts. I was told that the reversal of the words is “a play on the idea of all the knowledge and esteem you have when you can unscramble those letters and READ!”

Love it!  So much in fact that I want to add to the momentum of the promotion. “Everybody must have books!”

To celebrate Québec, and world, literacy, Mirror Read is having a sale on of all our eBooks: Each is now priced at ¢.99!   So you can enjoy the whole collection – in English AND French…

Don’t forget: Our leading readers see the value of playing with words in reverse. Check out Mirror Reading for yourself!

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