Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 21: New Years Revelations

3 Mirror Read Revelations

Gifts come in so many unexpected forms.  This holiday, some of the best presents I received were offered as casual comments about Mirror Reading that contained incredible insights. Ordinary words can package powerful wisdoms. Thanks so much for all of you who continue to share your perspectives.  You inspire me.

Mirror Read:
1. Stiffens the Competition
“This makes my brain sweat. Can I play again?” Asked with a smile. There is something peculiar-familiar about Mirror Reading that makes it both compelling, and extremely competitive.  I saw surprising rivalries emerge between teenagers and gramas, sparked by Backwords Scramble (with scores elevated to new heights above 200). I watched head-to-head Mirror News competitions on dueling iPads (Sports Headlines got the most play: Go Habs Go!) And who knew that Mirror Readoku would inspire contests for highly prized Christmas Candy? This is heated stuff.

2. Amplifies Fast Mastery
“I’m very good backwards.” Reading is one thing, but playing number games in reverse, as in Mirror Readoku, is special in ways I hadn’t anticipated.  Even for people not familiar with Sudoku, the experience of accelerated “Oh, I get it,” is really powerful. Fast Mastery, especially of a skill that at first glance can look impossible, is highly pleasurable. Result: strong feelings of creative confidence. Learning experts say that when we charge past an immediate, “I can’t do this,” we actively evoke success. It was my privilege to hear the words, “I did it; I didn’t think I could do it,” lots of times, from a lot of people of all ages.

3. Magnifies the Silly Factor
“You look too hilarious.” Reading books in mirrors over the holidays meant that I ended up spending a very different sort of quality time with my family and friends. Everybody wanted to play, and why not?  Mirrors evoke such sudden silliness and unexpected smiles.

Mirror Read books are cute, but what is just as endearing is what people do with them. Especially adults!  Oh the comic faces people pull to get each others’ attention. What split second side-wise snaggle-tooth grins to evoke a child’s laugh.  I was lucky observer of much of the mayhem, and the recipient of lots of winks.
And yes, an eager perpetrator of much of the ridiculousness – I certainly did all that I could to escalate.

Thanks for playing!

May you enjoy a brilliant, reflective and insightful 2011!

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