Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 19: Mirror Melody Medley

Singing Christmas Carols – in a mirror?  There’s plenty to sing about: The Mirror Read Game apps are officially out on iTunes!
But watch out: Egg nog,  snowy floors, and reflective surfaces may not always mix…

And yet, this unique fun is exactly what I heard of a musical Dad doing with his kids: Inspired by what we are doing at Mirror Read, this creative guy actually took the lyrics to favourite Santa songs, ran them though our Mirror Messaging Module, printed them, and presto! Came up with an innovative way to take holiday music off the streets and into public washrooms. OK…..

That’s what we love to hear: People run with what we are doing and go places that we couldn’t imagine.  It’s real right-brain thinking! And now, with our RSS Headline News and Backword Scramble apps out, who’s to say where mirror reading is going to end up?

It’s bound to get competitive: Lots of us have been practicing the apps behind the scenes. Before the Leaderboards went live, I held the World Mirror Reading Record for Backword Scramble (107 points in 2 minutes). But I’m not sure how long the record will stand now that the public has got hold of these unique games.

Feel free to brag a bit when you’ve got high scores, and we’ll post them on the website. Just don’t be dismayed if you find out that little ones are faster than you. My experience with 3-year olds and Backword Scramble has taught me that!

Here’s to having a reflective musical holiday!

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