Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 18: Spinning in Chairs and Reading in Mirrors

Spinning in chairs and reading in mirrors! It does sound like controlled chaos.

Our first Chic Mirror Session was a great success.  Thanks to all who came and played!

It was definitely the first of its kind:
I spotted parents holding children, facing mirrors, making funny faces at each other that you don’t usually see in public.
I watched crowds of kids make letters do gymnastics as they read MR books without mirrors.
I saw a couple of rambunctious little ones who, pretending to flip themselves into backwards text, got a little dizzy on revolving chairs.

And I noticed that everyone went home with outstanding hair.

I always learn so much when I get together with kids and parents to read in mirrors:
The mirrored coffee table at Le Freak C’est Chic Salon is an inspiration; I want one for myself! Great for exploring looking glass books from fantastic angles.

And also, three-year olds who don’t even know all their letters yet love our books because they can see “mummy’s mouth moves when she reads.” They hadn’t observed this with side-by-side reading!

I checked into it: There is a certain amount of lip-reading we all do in the acquisition of language. It’s a key skill. Reading in mirrors at story time, it seems, makes this even more evident.  Neat!

We have lots of great pictures and plans for more Chic Mirror Sessions in the New Year.

Though next time we may have to have a Guest List – they’re predicting crowds…

Will keep you posted on the time and date in January, 2011.

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