Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 17: 26-year old MBA spotted with “My Middle Name is Truck” in his stocking!

His mother wants it to be a secret, and here I am writing about it!

She bought him a copy of one of our Mirror Read Books- about a little boy’s adventures when he wears a t-shirt that says his middle name is Truck.
The operative word is LITTLE.

Of course I wondered: He’s a 26 year old marketing expert. Why would a mom buy this book as a stocking stuffer for her adult child?

Barb’s simple reply, “To take him back to childhood. And to give him something novel to play with on Christmas morning. He will appreciate the challenge in the game.”

She added, “He’s analytical and extremely smart, like his wife.” Then she mentioned, “And I know it will become a family competition around the tree.  Who is clever enough to mirror read faster?”

But when I asked about her enjoying the book in a mirror with her 6’3” business guy son – like taking him into the bathroom to read together in a big mirror – she wasn’t so sure.

Well I encourage it! Until she tries it, she won’t know how cool it is to read again with her little big man.  Decoding without a mirror is only half the fun.

She has promised to update post holiday.

Mirror Read Books are available for $11.99 each online and at:
-Oink Oink Montreal and Toronto
-La Maison Anglaise et Internationale in Quebec City
-Greenwoods Books in Edmonton

If you want Mirror Read Books at a store near you, you have to ask for them…

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4818 Suite B Parc Montreal, Quebec H2V 4E6

(c) a detailed description of goods or services under the contract
Mirror Read eBook - Requires an iPad, iPhone or iPod equipped with OS4.1 for download
Mirror Read Softcover Book - spiral bound, rounded corners. 6 inches x 8 inches.
TRUCK/ CAMION: 105 grams

(d) an itemized list of the prices of the goods or services
Mirror Read eBook - $1.99 plus Canadian Federal Tax (7.5%)
Mirror Read Softcover Book - $11.99 plus Canadian Federal Tax (7.5%)

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There is a one-time fee charged upon purchase unless extra shipping and handling fees apply to orders outside the continent of North America.

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There may be customs duties and brokerage fees, whose amounts cannot reasonably be determined at time of ordering, which may be included in the final price.

(g)Mirror Read's "principal obligation" (i.e., delivering merchandise):
Will be performed upon ordering, or within three business days, depending upon stock. Please contact in order to cancel your order. A cancellation fee of $3.00 will be applied to orders on softcover books to cover the costs of returns. No exchanges to merchandise are available.