Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 10: Books go to the Bathroom

Children’s storybooks get invited to lots of places. They hang out in the usual spots, gather at the regular locations…

But it’s not often that they get to go to the bathroom.
And rare indeed that they are lifted onto bathroom counters, hoisted up beside the toothbrushes and hand cream. To be read in front of the mirror.

But this is where I designed Mirror Read Books to be read, with my first niece, over twenty years ago (who is now taller than me, plus an awesome reader).

And I maintain: Reading the reflections facing a bathroom mirror is the most fun place to enjoy these books:
The lighting is great. If we get thirsty there’s lots of water.
And it’s very very not the usual.

Over the years, I’ve played with Mirror Read books in lots of different bathrooms, with plenty of reading buddies. I’ve read with them in bathrooms in homes, in restaurants, in offices and schools.
Once in an airport.

And not just with kids in my arms.
One of my most memorable Mirror Read Moments happened recently, with some executives in an office suite with a spectacular view.  I was in the corporate boardroom to present my books.  There was an adjoining bathroom – sleek, well-appointed and small – that I noticed as we walked in.

When the executive asked to see my Mirror Read Books, I replied that it was more fun to watch them in action, and beckoned them to stand and follow me…

I will never forget the sight of these three grown professionals in dark suits, faces crowding beside my reflection as we read “Mr Puff and Mr Peeve” in the smallish bathroom mirror. With smiles all around…

It was a fairly strange and wonderful couple of moments, and as we all trooped out of the bathroom, I heard one of them say it was one of the most unique presentations he’d ever seen. In a good way.

Sometimes it’s OK to be a bit silly. Even with execs.
Where do you read in mirrors?

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