Shelagh Robinson Mirror Read Blog 12: You never forget your first time

First times…I get to witness lots of them. Odd locations, different faces. There’s always laughter.

I regularly hear the words “fascinating” and “strange” used to describe first experiences of reading in mirrors with children.  Also “bizarre” and “wow.”

Reversed words are easily decoded in reflections. But that’s only part of why mirror reading with a buddy is so awesome.

I gave a copy of Mr Puff & Mr Peeve to a friend who thought the concept was great. But it wasn’t until she actually lifted her 4-year old daughter onto her bedroom bureau that she’d realized why it really is remarkable.

She needed to do it to understand it, she told me.

She’d gazed into the mirror with her daughter, and together they’d sounded out the words, laughing at one another as they turned the pages. “It made the experience of reading really special, being able to watch her figure it out.”

A colleague said his first time mirror reading with his son was “surreal.” Suddenly there were four people enjoying the story. Then they played ‘Who’s who?” a pointing game they invented on the spot. That they now play every time they mirror read.

Another father said, “I was able to see the pride in his eyes as he read My Middle Name is Truck. And he saw that I was excited to watch him read.”

And then there was the woman who cried. She told me that her little boy, who was on the autism spectrum, had difficulties connecting visually with her.  Until she made a game of reading with him in a mirror and suddenly he “engaged.”

I never douted that reading in mirrors was fun, and that first times lead to more times.
But I really didn’t expect to hear stories like these.

First times really are powerful. We invite you to tell us about yours.

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