Mirror Read Blog 6: Guest- Gillian Graham: Four Priorities in Childsplay

OK, I admit it, I’m one of those moms who sometimes goes way overboard for their kids.

I buy them piano lessons, dance lessons, and lots and lots of books.  And I have been known to purchase the occasional “IQ-boosting” specialized learning product.
It’s easy to say that I’ve never before seen anything like Mirror Reading. Not in books, games, tools, or puzzles. Ever.

As a parent with some background knowledge, this is fascinating.

I’m pretty skeptical. I’ve been working in the field of intelligence, learning and reading for years.  I’m well aware that children don’t need a lot of expensive “learning products.” What kids need in order to thrive is time spent interacting with parents, time spent away from screens, time spent exploring their environment, and time spent playing creatively. Mirror Read Books cover all these bases. Pretty cool.

There really is something new in the world of reading.

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